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    Find the Critical Values and Determine the Appropriate Distribution

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    Do one of the following as appropriate:
    a) Find the critical value t (alpha/2)
    b) Find the critical value z (alpha/2)
    c) State that neither the normal nor the t distribution applies.
    Problem: 95%; n= 40; sigma is unknown; population appears to be skewed.

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    a) Find the critical value t(alpha/2)

    If u look up 5% on the two tail with 39 degrees of freedom=40-1,
    you get: 2.02.

    This mean Probability(-2.02<=t<=2.02)=0.95

    b) Find the critical value z(alpha/2)

    5% critical value ...

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    The solution is comprised of an explanation for finding critical values for t and z distributions and identifies why neither distribution may be appropriate.