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Statistics Survey of Household Income in NE NJ: Mean, Median, Variance and Deviation

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Just need help with a and c.

A survey on household income in Northeast NJ area gave the following numbers in thousands of dollars 33,45,12,36,87,95,46,12,44,46,78,13,55,89,78,46,78,65,54,52,53,46,44,89,92,63,46,55,67,55,49,44,99,123,25, 36, 58,55,66,49,69,36,22,32,36,56,48,46,52,54,63,17

a- Find the mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, frequency table, cumulative frequency table, coefficient of variation, and mean deviation of the population.

b- Create a dot plot and a box plot to represent this data.

c- If we create a sample by picking every 3rd data from the population, how would your answer to part a change? Show your work

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Solution Summary

This solution provides calculations in an attached Excel file with regards to mean, median, variance and deviation for household income.

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