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Applied Statistics for Lean Body Mass and Resting Metabolic Rate

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Please see attached excel spreadsheet for data set on lean body mass and resting metabolic rate for 19 individuals. Then, could you help me with the following three questions:

1. Refer to the excel spreadsheet labeled Data for Exercise 3.4. Place the data on an Excel spreadsheet and use the chart wizard to construct a scatter plot of the data for the female subjects. Which is the explanatory variable?

2. Is the association between these variables positive or negative? What is the form of the relationship? How strong is the relationship? How did you arrive at your conclusion?

3. Does the pattern of relationship that you observed in the female subjects hold for men also? How do the male subjects as a group differ from the female subjects as a group?

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Hi there,

1. First, we arrange the data into two groups: male and female. Then we make scatter plot using females' data. The explanatory variable is the mass of females. (refer to attached excel file for scatter plot)

2. Based on the scatter plot, the association between these variables is positive. The form of the relationship is positive. To see how strong how the correlation it is, we need to figure out the correlation ...

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The applied statistics for lean body mass and resting metabolic rates. The scatterplot for the data is constructed.