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Linear Regression and Probability Related

Original question was related to a pharmaceutical company's development of a drug which reduces tobacco reliance. Some doses of the drug may reduce one's pulse rate to dangerously low levels. Company wants to model relationship between decrease in pulse rate y and dosage x. Differing doses were administered to 8 randomly selected pt's and decreases were recorded after a designated observation period. Results below:
Pt Dose x Pulse rate decrease y
1 2 12 Here's the part confounding me. A decrease of 25 in
2 4 20 pulse is dangerous. If pt is given 4 unit dose, what is
3 1.5 6 probability that pt will have a dangerous decrease in
4 1.0 3 pulse rate.
5 3 16
6 3.5 20
7 2.5 13
8 3 18

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The solution discusses linear regression and probability related statistics. The relationship between decreases in pulse rate and dosages are determined.