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Linear Programing - formulating LP model - Maximizing Profit

A restaurant has an ice cream counter where it sells two main products, ice cream and frozen yogurt. The restaurant makes one order for ice cream and yogurt each week, and the store has enough space for 115 gallons of both products. A gallon of frozen yogurt costs $0.75 and a gallon of ice cream costs $0.93, and the restaurant budgets $90 each week for these products. The manager estimates that each week the restaurant sells at least twice as much ice cream as frozen yogurt. Profit per gallon of ice cream is $4.15 and profit per gallon of yogurt is $3.60.
I need to formulate a linear programing model for this problem and solve this model using graphical analysis.

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Following are just a few steps, where as complete detailed solution with graph is given in the attached ...

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A step by step detailed solution is given in the attached solution file in such a way that the student could understand the procedure easily and use this solution to solve other similar problems on his/her own.
In this solution we have formulated the objective function, and the constraints using the given information in the question.
Then we have solved the problem using graphical method to find the maximum profit under the given constraints.
For complete description and detailed solution, please see the attached solution file.