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T and Z- Tests

Test 1. Do a hypothesis test to see if the small sample (data attached) of 10 bags of M&M's indicates that there is a difference between the small sample and the historical population or M&M's. The historical average was 56.5 and the historical standard deviation was 1.2

Please follow the step by step procedure for a hypothesis test - and list them as part of your answer.

To do this you will use the t test. (note - you can use the template or do it by hand)

Question 1

Why use a t test to do this instead of a z test?

Test 2

Do a hypothesis test based on a larger sample (data attached)

Use the z test to determine your answer.

Question 2

Is there any difference between the two tests and why?

What gives you a better answer?


Solution Summary

This solution conducts a statistical analysis on small sample and historical population with a t-test and z-test. It also examines the differences between the two tests and which is the 'better' answer.