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    Test of hypothesis

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    1) Without computing a P-value, determine whether the alternative hypothesis is supported. The alternative hypothesis, a sample mean, a sample standard deviation, a claimed population mean and a sample size are given. Explain by making a "sketch" of the distribution of sample means and showing location of the sample mean.

    Ha : Mean >claimed value, x = 26.2, s = 9, claimed population mean = 25, n = 100

    2) Give the P-values that correspond to the standard scores. Give an interpretation of the P - value found.

    z = 3.1 for Ha : Mean > claimed value

    3) Suppose you were testing an alternative hypothesis of the form Ha: Mean < claimed value and the sample mean had a standard score of z = 4.0. Without using tables decide whether this test is significant, explain.

    4) According to Stats, average gas mileage of all automobiles in 2000 was 21.4 miles per gallon. Suppose that within a random sample of 40 SUV's the mean gas mileage is 19.8 miles per gallon with a standard deviation of 3.5 miles per gallon. Test the claim that the mean mileage of all SUV's is less than 21.4 miles per gallon.

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