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    Test Hypothesis

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    5. To test the null hypothesis that the average lifetime for a particular brand of bulb is 750 hours versus the alternative that the average lifetime is different from 750 hours, a sample of 75 bulbs is used. If the standard deviation is 50 hours and alpha is equal to 0.01, what values for x-bar will result in rejection of the null hypothesis.

    6. Describe the action that would result in a type I error and a type II error if each of the following null hypotheses were tested.
    a. H0: There is no waste in US Defense Department spending
    b. H0: This fast-food menu is not low fat

    8. Determine the critical region and critical values for z that would be used to test the null hypothesis at the given level of significance, as described in each of the following:
    a. H0: mu = 25 and Ha: mu not equal 25, alpha = 0.10

    b. H0: mu = 32 and Ha: mu > 32, alpha = 0.01
    c. H0: mu = 13 and Ha: mu < 13, alpha = 0.05

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