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Supporting Hypothesis Testing and Establishing Probabilities.

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Discuss how the following supports hypothesis testing and establishing probabilities using the attached Excel chart.

1) The use and functionality of Excel software.

2) Review the report of the stats for the NCAA 2008 champions Kansas Jayhawks (basketball team). The hypothesis stated as "are the Jayhawks taller than the average NBA team" will result in some interesting discussion.

3) Run the data quickly and prove or disprove the hypothesis. This example like so many others may reveal unexpected outcomes. However, if you select teams like Indianapolis and run the same experiment you will get a different answer.

4) Discuss the reasons behind the "z" and "t" test. The player data is a population; this difference must be explained. Included in the data are some samples from the population that should be used as well.

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Please see attached Excel chart for full calculations.

First, we could put all the height data under the same sheet by using "copy" and "paste" function. Then we use "average" and "stdev" function to find out the population mean, standard deviation and Indiana mean, standard deviation.

population mean=73.26, standard deviation=6.74
Indiana ...

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