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    I am doing a project where I am comparing the accuracy and reproducibility of 3 different force gauges with varied angles and applied pressures. All of the gauges have a 50 lb. capacity. They will all be tested with 0-30 lbs in 5 lb increments of applied load/pressure. They will also be tested at 0 degrees (true perpendicular) and at 5 degree increments up to 30 degrees with the varied loads applied. I need to know what statistical formulas I should use, the most appropriate charts, tables, spreadsheets, etc. and the best layout for my data. I have the research proposal ready to go but could sure use some help with the presentation. I already tried one internet company but they took my money and ran and I still have no stats. I'm leary in the trust department right now so I hope you guys don't take me too. I need help. My deadline is past due because the other company lied so I am short on time.

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    This solution provides three attached documents to guide the student on the right path for their data analysis. Information is given pertaining to where data can be found and the best way to test it, and a tutorial for creating a pivot table is given, along with an attached .xls file example.