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    Prenatal alcohol hypothesis testing

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    Alcohol appears to be involved in a variety of birth defects, including low birth weight and retarded growth. A researcher would like to investigate the effect of prenatal alcohol on birth weight. A random sample of n=16 pregnancy rates is obtained. The mother rats are given daily doses of alcohol. The average weight for the sample is x=15 grams. The researcher would like to compare the sample with the general population of rats. It is known that regular newborn rats (not exposed to alcohol) have an average weight of 18 grams. The distribution of weighs is normal with standard deviation=4.

    Evaluate the effect of alcohol exposure on birth weight following the steps for hypothesis testing using .05.

    Please assist with the setup of this problem. Thanks.

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    STEP 1: State the Hypotheses
    Let average weight = W
    Ho: W(Alcohol) = W(poppulation) = 18
    Ha: W(Alcohol) < W(poppulation) = 18

    STEP 2: Set the Criteria for a Decision
    If we use alpha = .05, the critical region consists ...

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