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    Null Hypothesis and Alternate Hypothesis; Critical Value

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    What is the difference between a null hypothesis and an alternate hypothesis?

    Explain what is meant by the critical value of a statistical value.

    The null hypothesis states that a difference, effect or relationship exists in a research situation? ______True _____False

    The confidence level expresses the degree of certainty that an interval will include the actual value of the population parameter? ____True ____False

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    (1) The claim made by the researcher with respect to a problem or issue in question forms the Alternate hypothesis (Ha).
    The opposite of this claim forms the Null hypothesis (Ho).

    Thus, The null hypothesis is chosen to be the opposite of the claim; that is, ...

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    Difference between Null Hypothesis and Alternate Hypothesis provided in the solution. Also Criticla Value explained. The effects on relationships in research situations are given.