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    Statistical Tests: Hypotheses, Critical Region, and P-Value

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    Let p equal the proportion of drivers who use a seat belt in a country that does not have a mandatory seat belt law. It was claimed that p = 0.14. An advertising campaign was conducted to increase this proportion. Two months after the campaign, y = 104 out of a random sample of n = 590 drivers were wearing their seat belts. Was the campaign successful?

    (a) Define the null and alternative hypotheses.
    (b) Define a critical region with an ? = 0.01 significance level.
    (c) Determine the approximate p-value and state your conclusion.

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    Null Hypothesis: (please see the attached file)
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    This solution tests statistical data to discover whether or not a campaign was successful. It defines the null and alternative hypotheses, explains how to define the critical region with a given significance level, and explains how to ddetermine the appropriate p-value.