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    Null and Research Hypotheses and Errors

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    Type I and Type II Errors
    In this scenario, (1) formulate both a null and (2) research hypothesis and give an example of both a (3) Type I and (4) Type II error.

    Scenario: You are Supervisor or Research for Doggie Heaven Biscuit Company. Your scientists have developed a new dog biscuit for the treatment of doggie breath. In a clinical trial of a new drug, the new biscuit is shown to be better in reducing doggie breath than the current biscuit made by your company. Formulate both a null hypothesis and a research hypothesis for the new biscuit is no better, on average, than the current dog breath biscuit made by your company.

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    Null hypothesis: the new biscuit is no better than the current biscuit.
    Research ...

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    This provides the null and research hypothesis, as well as examples of Type I and Type II errors, for one particular situation.