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    Hypothesis Testing on Schizophrenic Twins

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    Researchers who are interested in schizophrenia examined 15 pairs of identical twins, where one twin was schizophrenic ("affected") and the other was not ("unaffected"). Through MRI studies, they measured the volumes of several regions and subregions within the twin's brains. The data here contains the volumes (in cubic centimeters) of a particular area of the brain, the left hippocampus, for each subject.
    Use Excel to analyze this data and be prepared to answer questions (formulate and test hypotheses or give confidence interval estimates) about the research project.
    You may write as much as you like about your output on it.
    You may discuss this with the classmates or friends; you should try to anticipate the kinds of questions that will be asked.

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    This solution uses the data of the schrizophrenic twins and provides a null and alternative hypothesis as well as calculates the test statistic to compare against the p-value. A decision is made to accept or reject the null hypothesis.