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Hypothesis Testing of Variance: Breaking Distance of Cars

Braking Distances of Cars

A random sample of 13 four-cylinder cars is obtained and the breaking distances are measured and found to have a mean of 137.5 ft and a standard deviation of 5.8 ft. A random sample of 12 six-cylinder cars is obtained and the braking distances have a mean of 136.3 ft and a standard deviation of 9.7 ft. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that braking distances of four-cylinder cars and braking distances of six-cylinders cars have the same standard deviation.

[Let population 1 be six-cylinder cars.



Upper CV: F =

Test Statistic [Show procedure.] F =

Conclusion (i.e. decision) on H0:

Final Conclusion on the claim by using Figure 8-7.

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