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    Hypothesis Testing & Confidence Interval: M&M Candies

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    Construct a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of red candies.
    Using your same data determine if the proportion of green candies in a package of M&Ms is different than what is claimed by the company. List null and alternative hypothesis, the test-statistic and the p-value.
    If you wanted to estimate the proportion of a certain color of candy to within 2% of the actual proportion, how many individual pieces of candy must you sample. Assume you want to be 90% confident in your results. How many packages of candy based on the total count of candies in your package would be required?

    My bag contained: blue-5, brown-3, green-4, orange-5 red-1, yellow-3
    MARS Company claims this color distribution by packet. blue-23% brown-12%, green 15%, orange 23%, red 12%, yellow 15%.

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