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Hypothesis Testing - Baseball

Part 1: Prepare a paper discussing "Hypothesis Testing" using your ideas of the meaning of the tests and how this may be used in an exercise. Discuss the "Null Hypothesis" and the "Alternate Hypothesis" and describe how to set up a "Null Hypothesis" and an "Alternate Hypothesis.

Part 2: Using Baseball data attached,compute the mean salary and salary STDEV, then compute the mean attendance and attendance STDEV. Then state how you would conduct a test of hypothesis to determine whether the mean salary was different from $80.0 million and whether the mean attendance was more than 2,000,000 per team.


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Hypothesis testing is a widely accepted and well-used application of inferential statistics, wherein a claim made by a researcher/ scholar about a population parameter can be tested by means of studying a selected sample and using standard formulae available in the literature. The hypothesis to be tested (about the ...

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200 words explain how to pick a null and alternative hypothesis as well as how to compute mean and standard deviation in salary with given data.