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    Hypothesis Testing for Environmental Estimates

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    An environmentalist estimates that the more waste recycled by adults in the country is more than 1 pound per person per day. You want to test this claim. You find that the mean waste recycled per person per day for a random sample of 9 adults in the country is 2 pounds and the standard deviation is 0.3 pound. At a = 0.10, can you support the claim? assume the population is normally distributed.

    a) Find the critical values and identify the rejection regions
    To = (round to three decimal places)

    b) Find the standardized test statistic
    T = (round to three decimal places

    c) Decide whether to (reject or fail) the null hypothesis?

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    a) critical value:
    at df=9-1, alpha = 0.1, our critical value is 1.8595
    Our rejection region is on ...

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    The solution examines the hypothesis testing for environmental estimates. The standardized test statistic is determined.