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    Determine The Degrees of Freedom Within And Between Group

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    I need help finding the degrees of freedom. Can you show me how to get it step bye step without using Excel? (between group and within group)

    Four different paints are advertised as having the same drying time. To check the manufacturer's claims, five samples were tested for each of the paints. The time in minutes until the paint was dry enough for a second coat to be applied was recorded. The following data were obtained.

    Paint 1; Paint 2; Paint 3; Paint 4
    128; 144; 133; 150
    137; 133; 143; 142
    135; 142; 137; 135
    124; 146; 136; 140
    141; 130; 131; 153

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    For degrees of freedom, first we have 20 total obvervations, right? So degrees of freedom for total is 20-1=19. Please note that degrees of freedom for ...

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    The solution gives detailed steps on determining the degrees of freedom in the case of within group and between group. An example of 4 groups and 5 data in each group is taken here for better understanding.