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Concepts and properties of the hypothesis testing.

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a) What is a hypothesis? Specifically, is it a statement about the population or the sample?

b) What is the purpose of hypothesis testing?

c) How is the role of the null hypothesis different from that of the research (alternative) hypothesis?

d) Provide an example of a hypothesis test you could conduct at work. What is the measure that you will test?

a) What assumptions must be satisfied for a two-sided (non-directional) hypothesis test to be valid?

b) If an assumption was not satisfied, what, if anything, could be done to fix the problem?

c) Provide an example from your workplace or personal life of a two-sided hypothesis test.

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a) What is a hypothesis? Specifically, is it a statement about the population or the sample?

A hypothesis is a statement about a population parameter (e.g. 'the population's weight will show correlation to their height').

b) What is the purpose of hypothesis testing?

The purpose of hypothesis testing is to find the true value of a population parameter and reach a conclusion. For example, one hypothesis might claim that the lifetimes of men and women are equal, while the alternative might claim ...

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The solution guides you to understand the concepts of the hypothesis testing. Also, the properties of hypothesis testing are discussed in details with the format of Q&A.

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