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    Snow Tire Skid Properties: Hypothesis Testing

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    The skid properties of a snow tire have been tested and a mean skid distance of 154 feet has been established for standardized conditions. A new, more expensive tire is developed, but tests on a sample of 17 new tires yield a mean skid distance of 148 feet with a standard deviation of 12 feet. Because of the cost involved, the new tires will be purchased only if it can be shown (at the 0.005 significance level) that they skid less than the current tires. Based on the sample, will the new tires be purchased?Indicate whether you would use a z score or t score, give the value of that score and the critical value to 2 decimal places, and state whether you "Reject" or "Fail to Reject" the null hypothesis. Example Answer: z, 1.45, 3.12, Fail to Reject

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    Hypothesis testing for snow tires.