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Did you ever purchase a bag of M&M Peanut candies and wonder about the distribution of the colors? A recent article reported that 30 percent of the candies are brown, 20 percent yellow, 20 percent red, 20 percent green, and 10 percent orange. A one-pound bag of M&M peanut candies was purchased at Wal-Mart here in Lubbock. A total of 188 candies were in the bag, with 67 brown, 22 yellow, 51 red, 24 green, and 24 orange.

Using the chi-square goodness-of-fit test and the .05 level of significance, determine whether or not this agrees with the expected distribution (show all steps). Write a brief explanation of your conclusion.

29. A test measuring the knowledge of the U.S. Constitution has been given to a national sample of 6000 high school seniors. The distribution of scores approximates the normal curve and has a mean of 79 and a standard deviation of 6.5.

a. what percentage of those tested scored 68 or below?

b. how many of the 6000 individuals scored between 68 and 87?

c. I want to give the top 7% of the students a prize for doing
such a great job on the exam. What would be the lowest score
eligible for a prize?

The following lists two variables taken from a survey of recent college graduates:

Cumulative First year's salary
College GPA (in 1,000's
Joe 3.1 28
Suzy 2.5 22
Catherine 3.6 29
Simon 2.8 25
Jethro 2.7 27
Shannon 3.3 30
Vonda 3.4 32
Zane 3.5 28

Use the data to answer the following:

a. Draw a scatter diagram depicting the relationship between these two variables. Interpret.

b. Calculate the coefficient of correlation. Interpret.

c. Calculate the coefficient of determination. Interpret.

d. Use our 5-step hypothesis test procedure to determine whether or not the correlation you calculated in part "b"
is significant. Interpret.

e. Disregarding your finding in part "d," develop a regression equation for this data.

f. Using your regression equation, what would you predict Geraldine's first year salary to be if she graduated with a 3.15 G.P.A.?

g. What is the standard error of estimate? Interpret.

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