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    Statistics - Linear Programming

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    Biggio's Department Store has six employees available to assign to four departments in the store: home furnishings, china, appliances, and jewelry. Most of the six employees have worked in each of the four departments on several occasions in the past and have demonstrated that they perfrom better in some departments than in others. The average daliy sales for each of the six employees in each of the four departments are shown in the following table:

    Department Sales
    Employee Home Furn China Appliances Jewelry
    1 $340 $160 $610 $290
    2 560 370 520 450
    3 270 -- 350 420
    4 360 220 630 150
    5 450 190 570 310
    6 280 320 490 360

    Employee 3 has not worked in the china department before, so the manager does not want to assign this employee to china.

    Using excel solver determine which employee to assign to each department and indicate total expected sales.

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