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    The frequency distribution

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    3. A sample was taken of 25 high school seniors who were planning to go to college. Each of the students was asked which of the following majors he or she intended to choose: business, economics, management information systems (MIS), behavioral sciences (BS), other. The responses of these students are as follows:

    Economics MIS Economics Business Business
    Business Business Other Other Other
    BS BS MIS Other MIS
    Other Business MIS Business Other
    Economics MIS Other Other MIS

    Construct the frequency distribution table for the above majors.

    4. The following table gives the frequency distribution of the number of orders received each day during the past 40 days at the office of a mail-order company.

    Number of Orders Number of Days

    10-12 3
    13-15 14
    16-18 18
    19-21 5

    Calculate the mean (show the steps)

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    Please see response to your posting as follows.

    3. Step 1: Count number of responses for each subject
    Business - 6
    Economics - 3
    MIS - 6
    BS - 2
    Other - 8
    Step 2: Using counts construct frequency distribution table.
    The frequency distribution table is
    Subject Frequency
    Business ...

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