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Empirical Rule

Need help with the following problem:

Temperature is critical to ensure a proper cure of paint on transformer drums. After the transformer drums are painted, they are sent through an oven. The mean temperature of the oven is 535 degrees F with a standard deviation of degrees of 27 degrees F. The oven temperature is normally distributed.

Using the empiracal rule, what will be the temperature range (lower limit to upper limit) to capture approximately 99.7% of the variation in the process?

Temp. lower Limit =
Temp.Upper Limit =
*Round each limit to the nearest whole numbers

Where I'm going wrong!

I am totally confused with this this bell curb stuff. I know it breaks down as follows:

68% +/- 1 standard deviation
95% +/- 2 standard deviation
97.5% +/- 3 standard deviation

I have taken the 27 degrees and multipled in kind and then subtracted from 535 degrees. FROM there I am totally lost HELP!

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