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The UN must evacuate an aid team and their belongings from Iraq. They can hire two types of planes to handle the evacuation. One is an Airbus 201 which can handle 25 passengers and 10 tons of cargo for $800 per day. The other is a Boeing 179 which can handle 40 passengers and 4 tons of cargo at a cost of $1000 per day. The evacuation must take out at least 2000 personnel and at least 440 tons of belongings. How many of each type of plane should be chartered to minimize the cost per day and what is that minimum cost per day?

1. Solve the problem graphically.

2. Solve the problem using Solver (under Tools in Excel).

3. Solve the problem using QM for Windows.

4. What is the additional cost if you need to take out 1 additional last minute passenger?

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