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Oridinal & Scale Measure, Independent & Dependent Variables

1. A researcher studies the average distance that 130 people who are living in U.S. urban areas walk each week: What is the size of the sample? Identify the population.

2. Is the "average" calculated in #1 a descriptive statistic or an inferential statistic if it is used to describe the 130 people studied?

3. Referencing #1, how might you calculate the average distance walked in one week as a(n): (a) ordinal measure? (b) scale measure?

4. A study of the effects of skin tone (light, medium, and dark) on the severity of facial wrinkles in middle age might be of interest to cosmetic surgeons:

(a) what is the independent variable in this study?
(b) what is the dependent variable in this study?
(c) how many levels does the independent variable have?

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1. The sample size is 130 people. The population is people who are living in U.S. urban areas that walk each week.

2. The "average" calculated in #1 is a descriptive statistic. This is because it ...