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examples of descriptive statistics

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1. What are some examples of descriptive statistics? Why are they used in research?
What is a confidence interval?

2. How can you avoid bias when selecting samples for human services research?
List the three measures of variability and provide one example of each. If in a response team, what may these measures of variability tell a team leader about individual and team performance?

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This solution thoroughly demonstrates examples of descriptive statistics. References are also listed to promote research.

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Descriptive Statistics: sample mean, median, mode and range

At the start of the 1999 NCAA men's basketball tournament, 64 teams were invited to compete for the national championship. Below is the number of victories that a sample of 8 of these teams had obtained during the regular season:
32 12 28 22 20 25 22 19

1) What is the sample mean number of regular season victories?

2) What is the sample median number of regular season victories?

3) What is the sample mode number of regular season victories?

4) What is the sample range in values of the number of regular season victories?

5) What is the sample variance of regular season victories?

6) What is the sample standard deviation of regular season victories?

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