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    Rolling Sevens and other questions

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    What is the probability to roll 2 sevens with 2 dice on two consecutive rolls?

    Note: to roll a 7, you need 2 dice and will roll 2 dice 2 times to get 2 sevens.
    Going fishing in a lake with bass weighing an average of 3 pounds with a standard deviation of 0.3 pounds

    2 fish caught. What is the probability that both catches were 3.5 pounds or heavier?

    4 fish caught with 2 of them in the lowest 20% of the weight distribution. Other 2 were in the top 10% of weight distribution. Estimate the total weight of the 4 fish = _________
    What is the sample standard deviation and the variance?

    Sample and observations:


    What is the five number summary for this sample?

    Is this sample symmetrical or skewered?

    Place this sample in a frequency distribution and find the sample mean and sample mode from the frequency distribution.
    See attachments for questions.

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