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Height of Students - Distributions & Deviations Report

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20 students' heights were measured for statistic analysis, with the following results:

female 5'6, female 5'8, male 5'9, male 5'6, female 5'7, female 5'5, female 5'6, male 5'10, male 5'8, female 5'4, female 5'4, male 5'9, female 5'1, female 5'5, male 5'11, male 5'7, female 5'6, female 5'8, male 6'1. male 5'9

Please return a report with the following components:

1. Introduction
a) Identify and develop the problem
b) Indicate why this topic is timely or is of importance
c) State how the remainder of the paper is organized or divided into various sections

2. Body
a) Construct a frequency distribution or histogram for each gender
b) Graphically depict the data using two methods
c) Calculate the mean, median, and mode of each distribution
d) Calculate the standard deviation and one other measure of dispersion for each distribution
e) Comment on the results - on each distribution and compare the two distributions
f) Calculate a 95% confidence interval for the mean of each distribution
g) Test if each mean is significantly different from zero

3. Summary
About a paragraph. No new material should be included in this section, just a summary.

4. Conclusion
Indicate what problems that have encountered and make recommendation(s) for future researchers.

5. References

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Solution Summary

The solution provides a page report on the distribution of students' heights by gender in Word including histograms, mean, median, mode, standard deviations, variance and results analysis for each gender with the gender differences and their significance (complete with confidence interval calculations) at the end. Workings are included as an Excel spreadsheet.

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