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Statistics - Correlation between height and weight

2. I wish to determine the correlation between the height (in inches) and weight (in pounds) of 21-year-old males. To do this, I measure the height and weight of two 21-year-old men. The measured values are

The correlation r computed from the measurements on these males is
A. 1.0
B. -1.0
C. near 0 because the heights and weights of the men are similar.

3. All but one of the following statements contains a blunder. Which one does not contain a blunder?
A. There is a correlation of r = 0.54 between the position a football player plays and his weight.
B. The correlation between amount of fertilizer and yield of tomatoes was found to be r = 0.33.
C. The correlation between the gas mileage of a car and its weight is r = 0.71 gallon-pounds.

4. I want to examine the relationship between gas mileage of cars and the engine size (displacement in cubic inches). The explanatory variable is
A. Engine size.
B. Gas mileage.
C. I could use either one.

8. A statistics student computes the correlation between two variables in her spreadsheet, and finds r = 0.06. She decides to conclude there is no relationship between the variables. Was she correct?
A. Yes
B. No
C. We don't have enough information.


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