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    Scatter Plots and Correlation Coefficients

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    Question 1: Problem 2.13 from the text. Use Excel to construct your scatter plot. Write your answers to the questions in a word document. Include the scatter plot you created in your word document.

    Question 2: Problem 2.37 from the text. Use Excel to construct a scatter plot. Compute the correlation coefficient by using columns in excel. You may use excel to do the hand computations. In other words you may use excel to sum up the column compute the squares of each column, etc. Answer any question in a word document.

    Question 3: Problem 2.61 from the text. Use Excel to perform all of the computations and upload your work.

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    This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation for correlation coefficient and scatter plots. The data analysis tool is used for the correlation analysis in Excel, correlation coefficient is also calculated manually by showing all the formulas and calculations. Full interpretation is given for correlation and scatter plots.