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Correlation and Regression Analysis

As cheddar cheese matures, a variety of chemical processes take place. The taste of matured cheese is related to the concentration of several chemicals in the final product. In a study of cheddar cheese from the LaTrobe Valley of Victoria, Australia, samples of cheese were analyzed for their chemical composition and were subjected to taste tests. Overall taste scores were obtained by combining the scores from several tasters. I entered the data from 30 subjects into a spreadsheet (attached).

1. How would you use regression and correlation to analyze this data? Can you build a predictive model for taste?

2. Create scatter plots, correlation and linear regression to examine relationships between the individual variables. Then, build a multiple regression model. Which model do you prefer?

3. Predict the ?taste? of a cheese where (log) acetic is 5.3, (log) h2s is 8.0 and lactic is 3.0. What do you think of this model?

4. Discuss why two of the variables were transformed.


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