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Histograms and Confidence Intervals for Surveys

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The data that you will be using for this exercise came from a survey of two insurance carriers.
The first carrier (C1) was compared against the second competitor (C2).
The insurance company management team wants to know how Carrier 1 compared to the second carrier.
Data from 159 respondents are included.
All of the 5 questions are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "much worse" and 5 being "much better"

1. Graph the 5 main survey variables in a histogram. For each graph you are going to graph out the data values, grouped by responses.
You should have categories that are the responses 1-5. You should have 5 histograms, and on each, display both the C1 and C2 data on the same graph.
What can you see from these graphs?

2. Create 95% confidence intervals for the mean for the 5 survey variables on Carrier 1.

3. Perform 5 t-tests on the data comparing C1 to C2 on each of the 5 questions. Indicate which of the 5 variables has a difference between C1 and C2.

4. Interpret the data and write an brief (2 paragraph) executive summary to C1 management describing your

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Solution Summary

A histogram with confidence intervals are examined for surveys of two insurance carriers. The first insurance carrier to compared against the second competitor. There are 159 respondents in the survey.

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