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    Confidence Intervals Estimators

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    Suppose an SRS of 25,000 Americans were surveyed and 16,000 of them said they have blue colored eyes.

    a) Create a 98% confidence interval estimator for the population proportion of Americans that have blue colored eyes.

    b) What is the minimum sample size that would be required to estimate the population's proportion to within {see attachment} with a 90% confidence? (Note: assume {see attachment})

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    (a) Here n = 25,000 and x = 16,000. Therefore, p~hat = 16000/25000 = 0.64 and q~hat = 1-p = 0.36
    alpha = 100 - 98 = 2%
    The ...

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    The confidence interval estimators are examined. The minimum sample sizes for confidence interval are given.