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    Confidence Interval For Mean Price And Age Of Bank Employees

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    Please see attachment for data.

    1. To find the confidence interval for the true mean of the "price in $000" of all the employees in the bank, should the z-score or t-score be used?if so why?

    2. Find a 95% and a 99% confidence level for "price in $000" and "age" respectively using all the 80 data given that the population variance of the "price $000" is 25 million and for "age" is 81. Write a brief report on your findings.

    3. From the 80 data, take any 20 data and find a 95% confidence interval for "price in $000" and "age" respectively. Report on your findings.

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    Part 1. When the population variance is known, z-score is used to construct confidence intervals.
    When the population variance is not known, t-score is used to construct confidence intervals.

    It is important to note that, as ...

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    This solution is comprised of detailed explanation on calculating confidence intervals. Also included is an explanation on when to use z-scores versus t-scores when calculating confidence intervals.