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    Confidence interval: lower bound

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    A sample of 14 joint specimens of a particular type gave a same mean proportional limit stress of 8.48 MPa and sample standard deviation of 0.79 MPa.

    a) Calculate and interpret a 95% lower confidence bound for the true average proportional limit stress of all such joints. What, if any assumption did you make about the distribution of proportional limit stress?

    b) Calculate and interpret a 95% lower prediction bound for the proportional limit stress of a single joint of this type.

    Please see attached file for full problem description.

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    Sample mean =8.48 MPa
    Standard deviation s= 0.79 MPa
    Significance level (alpha (a) ) corresponding to 95% confidence = 100%-95% =5% or 0.05
    Degrees of freedom (df) for sample size , n= 14 is (n-1) or 14-1=13
    t -critical (0.05, 13) = 1.771
    The t critical value is obtained from t-distribution table with df = (n - ...

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