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    Assumptions, Calculations, and Confidence Interval for Means

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    Your manager is asking for the average viscosity of a product that you produce in a batch process. Recorded below are the 12 most recent values, taken from consecutive batches. State any assumptions, and clearly show the calculations that are required to estimate a 95% confidence interval for the mean. Interpret that confidence interval for your manager, who is not sure what a confidence interval is.

    Raw data: [13.7, 14.9, 15.7, 16.1, 14.7, 15.2, 13.9, 13.9, 15.0, 13.0, 16.7, 13.2]
    Mean: 14.67
    Standard deviation: 1.16

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    First, we need to tell manager that the confidence interval is used the measure the accuracy of mean.

    To calculate a 95% confidence interval, the following assumptions must be met:

    1. The data for 12 batches must be a simple random sample from a population
    2. The data for 12 batches must be independent of each other
    3. The data for 12 batches must be drawn from a population which has a ...

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    The solution gives detailed steps on stating assumptions, showing calculations, and interpreting the confidence interval for means.