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    Confidence Interval Estimates for Means

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    A simple random sample of 25 has been collected from a normally distributed population for which it is known that ? = 17.0. The sample mean has been calculated as 342.0, and the sample standard deviation is s = 14.9. Construct and interpret the 95% and 99% confidence intervals for the population mean.

    NOTE: Please use an Excel spreadsheet for response. Please do not just
    provide the answer but show in complete detail how you arrived at the
    answer, step-by-step, from the beginning to the end of the solution.


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    95% confidence interval
    Since the population standard deviation is known, we can use the normal distribution for the construction of CI.
    The confidence interval is given by
    Given that = 342.0, σ = 17.0, n = 25, = 1.96
    Hence the required confidence interval is given by,
    = (335.336, 348.664)
    Confidence Interval Estimate for ...

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