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    Confidence interval, error of estimate, sample size

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    In the publication Employment and Earnings, information on the ages of people in the civilian labor force was published. Seventy-five people in the civilian labor force are randomly selected. The mean age is 37.4 years with a standard deviation of 10.3 years.

    a. Find the 99% confidence interval for the mean age.
    b. What is the error of estimate for the 90% confidence interval?
    c. What is the minimum sample size that is needed for the 95% confidence interval, if the maximum error of estimate is 2.1 years?

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    a. Find the 99% confidence interval for the mean age.

    Mean=M =37.4years

    Standard deviation =s=10.3years

    sample size=n=75

    sx=standard error of mean=s/square root of n=1.1893= ( 10.3 /square root of 75)

    Confidence level=99%

    a (alpha) =1%=100% -99%

    or Significance level=a (alpha) =0.01(expressed as a number )

    No of tails=2

    Since sample size=75>=30use normal distribution

    Z at the ...

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