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    Confidence interval for mean

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    Consider the following random sample of diameter measurements (in inches) of 18 softballs:

    4.88, 4.88, 4.76, 4.82, 4.69, 4.75, 4.72, 4.86, 4.81, 4.75, 4.86, 4.73, 4.78, 4.72, 4.73, 4.78, 4.71, 4.87

    If we assume that the diameter measurements are normally distributed, find a confidence interval for the mean diameter of a softball. Then complete the table below.

    Carry your intermediate computations to at least three decimal places. Round your answers to two decimal places.

    What is the lower limit of the confidence interval?___
    What is the upper limit of the confidence interval?___

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