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    Chebyshev Theorem and Confidence Interval

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    a) Use Chebyshev's theorem to find what percent of the values will fall between 120 and 150 for a data set with mean of 135 and standard deviation of 7.5

    b) Use the Empirical Rule to find what two values 95% of the data will fall between for a data set with mean 234 and standard deviation of 12

    An aptitude test has a mean of 220 and standard deviation of 10. find the corresponding z score for: a) a test score of 232 b) a test score of 212

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    (1) (a) z1 = (Mean - x1)/SD = (135 - 120)/7.5 = 2 and z2 = (Mean - x2)/SD = (135 - 150)/7.5 = -2

    According to Chebyshev's ...

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    The solution shows how the Chebyshev Theorem can be used to compute the percentage values that fall in a given interval.