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    Chi-Square test: Education and perception of life

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    Using the gss.sav file and following the steps described in the Chi-Square tutorial.pdf, examine the relationship between education (degree) and perception of life (life). Can you reject the null that education and perception of life are independent?

    Make a bar chart that graphically summarizes your findings. Be sure to include the relevant portions of the chi-square test output in your explanation.

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    Case Processing Summary
    Valid Missing Total
    N Percent N Percent N Percent
    degree * life 1419 100.0% 0 .0% 1419 100.0%

    degree * life Crosstabulation
    NAP Exciting Routine Dull DK
    degree Less than HS 77 52 95 17 2
    High School 239 221 242 20 2
    Junior ...

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    This solution includes the relevant chi-square output, bar chart, and interpretations of the findings.