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    Chi-square goodness of fit analysis

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    An EMT Service keeps records of emergency calls. A study of 150 five-minute time intervals resulted in the distribution of number of calls as follows. For example, during 18 of the five-minute intervals, no calls occurred. USe the chi-sqaure goodness-of-fit test and significance level =.01 to determine whether this distribution is Poisson. Analyze the results and interpret what they mean in relation to the problem. Use the 5-step hypothesis testing procedure:

    Number of calls(per 5-minute interval) - Frequency
    0 - 18
    1 - 28
    2 - 47
    3 - 21
    4 - 16
    5 - 11
    6 or more - 9

    A-What are the null and alternative hypothesis?
    B-What is the critical value for sample test statistics if the test of hypothesis to be evaluated at 1% significance?
    C-What is the value of the sample test statistic?
    D-Based on the value of test statistic and its critical value, what statement should be made about the null hypothesis?
    E-What is the conclusion based on the statement made about null hypothesis in part D?

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