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CHi square test for three-digit lottery data

15.8 In a three-digit lottery, each of the three digits is supposed to have the same probability of occurrence (counting initial blanks as zeros, e.g., 32 is treated as 032). The table shows the frequency of occurrence of each digit for 90 consecutive daily three-digit drawings. (a) Make a bar chart and describe it. (b) Calculate expected frequencies for each class. (c) Perform the chi-square test for a uniform distribution. At α = .05, can you reject the hypothesis that the digits are from a uniform population? ****PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR CHART***

15.22 A student team examined parked cars in four different suburban shopping malls. One hundred vehicles were examined in each location. Research question: At α = .05, does vehicle type vary bymall location? ****PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR CHART***

15.28 Can people really identify their favorite brand of cola? Volunteers tasted Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi, Diet Coke, and Diet Pepsi, with the results shown below. Research question: At α = .05, is the correctness of the prediction different for the two types of cola drinkers? Could you identify your favorite brand in this kind of test? Since it is a 2 × 2 table, try also a two-tailed two-sample z test for π1 = π2 and verify that z2 is the same as your chi-square statistic.Which test do you prefer? Why? ****PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR CHART***

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