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Probability of selecting blood type A+

1. The distribution of blood types for 100 Americans is listed in the table. If one donor is selected at random, find the probability of selecting with blood type A+.

blood type O+ O- A+ A- B+ B- AB+ AB-
number 37 6 34 6 10 2 4 1

A. 0.45
B. 0.34
C. 0.68
D. 0.4

The P(A) = 3/5. Find the odds in favor of A.

A. l2:5
B. 2:3

A group of students were asked if they carry a credit card. The responses are listed in the table.

Class Credit Card carrier Not a Credit Card Carrier Total
Freshman 18 42 60
Sophomore 40 0 40
Total 58 42 100

If a student is selected at random, find the probability that he or she owns a credit card given that the is a sophomore. Round your answer to three decimal places.

A. 0.000
B. 0.400
C. 1.000
D. 0.690

Uses Bayes theorem to solve this problem A storeowner purchases steroes from two companies. From Company A, 550 stereos are purchased and 1% are found to be defective. From Company B, 850 stereos are purchased and 6% are found to be defective. Given that a stereo is defective, find the probability that it came from Company A.

A. 11/113
B. 17/113
C. 102/113
D. 66/113

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