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The answer to ANOVA problems

For the time being, the air traffic control system in the United States is run by the federal government. Several groups disagree with this and would like to privatize the air traffic control system. Among the arguments given for privatization is that flight delays are much too common in the United States. A first step in deciding if, indeed, delays in the U.S. are "too common" might be to compare the flight delay information from the U.S. and other nations.
You have in front of you the following chart, which summarizes the information from three samples of flights from the past six weeks. One of the samples is composed of domestic U.S. flights, one is composed of domestic Canadian flights, and one is composed of domestic British flights. The information recorded for each flight is the time (in minutes) that the plane was late to the arrival gate. (If the plane was early, the time recorded was negative.)

You perform a one-way, independent-samples ANOVA test to decide if there are differences in the mean flight delay times among the three countries. Such a test uses the statistic

1. Giving the p-value corresponding to this value of the F statistic. Round your answer to at least 3 decimals.
2. Using the 0.10 level of significance, can you conclude from your ANOVA test that there are differences in the mean flight delay times among the three countries? Yes or No?

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