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    Hypothesis Testing Problems

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    1. For the samples summarized below, test the hypothesis at =.05 that the two variances are equal.
    Variance Number of data values
    Sample 1 25 9
    Sample 2 9 19

    2. A random group of apartments was selected from a city to analyze the number of bedrooms they have. Is there evidence to reject the hypothesis that the apartments are equally distributed between 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments, at alpha = .05?
    Year in school 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
    Number of students 11 9 14

    3. A marketing firm asked a random set of married and single men as to how much they were willing to spend for a vacation. At alpha = .05, is a difference in the two amounts?
    Married men Single men
    Sample size 50 50
    Mean spending 380 325
    Sample variance 6000 9000

    4. An anatomy teacher hypothesizes that the final grades in her class are distributed as 10% A's, 23% B's, 45% C's, 14% D's, and 8% F's. What is the critical value if at the end of the semester she has the following grades? Use a=0.05.
    A B C D F
    6 14 22 8 4

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