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    Comparison of mean fuel expense of the three manufacturers

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    Scenario: Surging Fuel Prices

    ABC Trucking Company purchased 15 trucks at the same time to start their business. 5 Trucks were purchased from Peterbilt, 5 from Freightliner, and 5 from Kenworth. All the trucks are used for long distance hauling. The cost of fuel for the first year is shown. Is there a significant difference in the mean fuel expense of the three manufacturers?

    Fuel Expense, by Manufacturer
    Peterbilt Freightliner Kenworth
    $28,000.00 $27,000.00 $25,000.00
    $30,000.00 $27,000.00 $28,750.00
    $27,500.00 $29,000.00 $28,000.00
    $28,000.00 $31,000.00 $26,750.00
    $29,500.00 $28,750.00 $29,800.00

    The 3 different manufacturers are called treatments.
    There are two degrees of freedom in the numerator (3-1=2). There are 12 degrees of freedom in the denominator (15-3 = 12). Determine the critical value of F found in Apendix G. The level of significance is 0.05.

    I need help determining the following:

    i) State the null and alternate hypothesis
    ii) Find the grand mean
    iii) Find the grand total within columns
    iv) Find the grand total between columns
    v) Find the Mean Square Within Columns
    vi) Find the Mean Square Between Columns

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